About YALA Today.

Yala - New Owners, Rachel and Tif

In 2019, long-time YALA employees and best friends took ownership of the company and immediately expanded its definition of sustainability. Together they agree that sustainable business must go beyond ecological certifications to encompass ensuring the well-being of everyone who has a hand in the process.

Today YALA endeavors to continue enriching our local economy with good paying jobs and community outreach, empowering our employees with flexible schedules and benefits, and upholding fair compensation models and safe working conditions for our production partners.

As a team we view sustainability as an ongoing effort and evolution. We continuously ask ‘How can we do better?’ so the comfort you find in the softness of our fabrics is equal to the satisfaction you feel supporting a brand that takes care of its People. We sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to.    

Our loyal long-time customers love the softness and comfort of our products, and feel good about the ways we support and empower our employees and production partners.


About Our Fabrics and Production.

Yala - Who made your clothes

YALA has worked closely with the same production team in China for over 15 years, processing renewable and selectively-harvested organic bamboo into fabric in a closed-loop viscose process. We use low-impact AZO- free dyes to create a finished product that is crazy soft, gentle on the earth, and safe for everyone involved. From the production partners throughout our supply chain, to our crew here at YALA Headquarters, to the end consumer, YOU.


About Our Origins and Legacy.

Yala - Former Owners the Morgans

It was the 80’s, and the founding family was on a mission to see the world together. To bring a little bit of “home” with them wherever they went, mom would sew sheets together into lightweight sleeping sacks to ensure that she and her family could snuggle into clean bedding at the end of each day. 

While living and teaching English in China, one of their students’ families owned and operated a silk factory, and the dream of manufacturing her “DreamSack” sleeping sack out of lightweight silk became a reality.

In 1996, once they moved back to the US, they ran a small cottage business from their home, selling DreamSacks. The business grew faster than they could have ever imagined.

As the idea of a silk sleeping sack caught on, they began manufacturing “travel” clothing from the silk as well. And so the first apparel line was launched, soon followed by silk bedding. The company continued to grow.

Then, at a fabric trade show in 2005, they met a young man who had a vision of his own. A new technology was emerging to convert wild-growing bamboo into incredibly soft, sumptuous fabric with a fraction of organic cotton’s environmental footprint. 

With the addition of bamboo clothing and bedding, the company experienced yet another surge in growth, and later changed the brand name from DreamSacks to YALA to honor this more expanded vision of offerings.
Now in its 25th year, ownership has transitioned to a pair of longtime employees with a vision to lead YALA into its fullest expression as a sustainable clothing, bedding, and nightwear brand with broad multigenerational appeal. YALA is still women-owned and led, still committed to fair trade practices from source to shelf, and still thrilled each day by the adventure that lies ahead!