The Joy of Sleep

"Never waste any time you can spend sleeping," said a wise person after our hearts. 😉

Sleep is the ultimate rejuvenator. It’s our wisest counselor and our most intuitive healer. And it opens the doorway to dreams, a magical world at our fingertips!
Everyone wants to experience the simple joy of a good night’s sleep... so why do so many of us struggle to get one?

Healthy Sleep Habits

We spend more hours in the bedroom than anywhere else in our daily lives. Let’s make them the best of all! Here are a few tips from sleep experts we’d like to pass along...
☁ A healthy lifestyle leads to healthy sleep. Healthy diets, fitness routines, and positive affirmations modulate our sleep cycles.
☁ Countless distractions vie for our attention day and night. Turning them off is a great place to start. Experiment with leaving your devices on their chargers in another room at bedtime. Research shows that the presence of a phone, even on silent mode, can create a sense of distraction and unease.
☁ Be consistent in your sleeping rhythms. Going to bed at the same time each evening can train your body and mind to let go.
☁ Create calming rituals around the act of releasing the day. Soft tones, good thoughts, and deep breaths set the mood.
☁ Treat your bedroom like a temple devoted to renewal. Use your bedroom for sleep only. Create a cozy nest. Now’s the time to focus on your ultimate comfort.

Can Bamboo Sheets and Sleepwear Help You Sleep?

You deserve amazing sleep. Here at YALA, we’d love to help you get it.
🌿 Bamboo sheets and sleepwear are ideal additions to your sleep ceremony. Bamboo is a responsive fabric. It keeps things cozy when nights grow chill, and it cools the skin on sultry summer evenings.
🌿 Sliding into bamboo sheets at the end of a day will make everything else you go through worth it. Smoother than cotton and more durable than silk, bamboo will become your fabric of choice.
🌿 Our bamboo sleepwear is the perfect complement to our bedding. We offer a variety of fabric weights and coverages to meet your needs in every climate and season.

🌿 Our bamboo bedding and sleepwear is made from organically grown, sustainably harvested bamboo. We process it into fiber using a closed-loop system that recycles water and avoids polluting local waterways. And we only use AZO-free dyes. So you can sleep easy knowing your nightwear and bedding is good for the planet, too!

At YALA, we live by our motto, Your Adventure Lies Ahead. Wherever life takes you next, we want to help you feel rejuvenated at journey’s end.

Team YALA ❤

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