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Meet Kathrin - YALA President & Owner

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on a Thursday, I had surgery on Saturday, and I was determined to take my daughter to her kindergarten meet-and-greet on Tuesday. With 30 staples through my abdomen, my go-to jeans were out of the question, but I knew that wearing pajamas or sweatpants in public was only going to make me feel worse.

I opted for our Rory Pant. Pairing that with our Zia Tank under my surgical binder and our Ramona Top over. I felt put together and confident that I could face the world -- or at least the first day of kindergarten. I now realize, my face looked as rough as I felt, but thanks to my outfit and my husband who quite literally propped me up. I don't think anyone knew that I was pretty out of it. The most important person, my 5-year-old, certainly didn't.

For the 12 days of staples, I couldn't imagine wearing anything else; and in the weeks that followed I still reached for the comfort of a pair of Rory's every day. Pretty soon, six months had passed, and I hadn't wanted to wear anything else.

Now that I am healthy again, I still wear jeans every once-in-a-while. Old habits die hard, but, more often than not, I regret it. I hope you join me in experiencing YALA, I really believe comfortable clothes that look & feel great help you go further. So much so that we have added more styles to our pants collection. I hope that you'll give one a try and see what a comfortable pair of stylish pants can help you achieve.

If you'd like to hear more of my story as it unfolds, follow me at @yalakat on instagram

And I'd love to hear your YALA story.

To share e-mail me at kat@yaladesigns.com

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Meet Jean

I am a runner. When I'm not training for my next marathon, I am running to keep up with my three young boys. My favorite thing about Yala's Audrey Pants is that I never have to think about them. They look great with everything, and they dress up and down with ease. On the mornings when I've already run 10 miles before 7am, these pants are a dream come true for my tired legs. The natural fabric is comfortable and moves with me all day long. As a bonus, my phone fits in the back pockets, so I never miss a great photo of my kids in action. These pants rock!

Shop Audrey Pant

Meet Katryna

These pants are great for travel. I can wear them multiple times on the same trip, and the nice, thick fabric holds its shape. The style is very versatile - I can dress them up with boots or down with sneakers, giving me lots of different options. I try to pack lightly, and since this one pair of pants can provide so many different 'looks,' it makes them an easy choice to add to my suitcase. I spend a lot of time on my feet when I travel - walking through historic cities, climbing to viewpoints, moving through train stations & airports. I never need to worry about being comfortable or able to move when I have these pants on, and the look great too.

Shop Blake Skinnies

Meet Julianna

I have 3 young kids, a challenging job, and a commute. My days starts at 6am, and I need to leave by 7:30 to make it to my first meeting. Sometimes the laundry is done, sometimes it's not. What I love about my Rory pants, is all I need is shoes and any top, and I throw them on and am ready to go. Did I mention they are more comfortable than yoga pants? Who knew pants could shave 10 minutes off your morning routine, fit (no matter what), and look so good!

Shop Rory Pant

“Happiness is a choice! My life was good before things came along the people equate with success because I was committed to making it that way. Other people and things don’t make you happy. Happiness starts on the inside with you making the choice to choose joy! The choice is yours today. Choose wisely friends!”

Wise words from @thechiclife #YalaStories

“I’ve spent the better part of the last five years with a kid on the front of my body- pregnant, baby carrier or just hauling them down the street when they get tired… or sometimes a combination of them all. My arms and back really ache at the end of the day, but (surely?) my heart will ache one day when they’re too big to hold.”

- @aspiringkennedy

The inside of our fleeced sweatshirt material is like wearing fluffy clouds all day. You can imagine how soft this fabric must be against your skin! Bonus points that it’s made from organic cotton and recycled polyester from plastic bottles.

Pairing environmentally sound fabrics with unparalleled softness is what we’re all about! #YalaStories

“As a professional yoga instructor and avid outdoor adventurer who lives in a cozy log cabin, there are 3 qualities I seek in every piece of clothing. They must be: comfortable, functional and beautiful. Yala's pajamas not only meet these standards but force me to add new ones! There's no way to quantify the value of feeling beautiful and comfortable. To then carry this feeling into the functionality of the everyday workplace, grocery store, yoga class...without ever changing outfits, is beyond parallel.”

The best part of waking up… is knowing you get to come back to bed at the end of the day! At least it is when you come home to super soft and cozy sheets made from organically grown bamboo.

Another reason to press snooze #bedgoals #YalaStories

“I am just so excited about my summer vacation although that travels were far and wide and family was full and fun, the best part was being comfortable every day in Bamboo or Organic Cotton from YALA.”

-Vicki P.

#yalasotries #comfortisconfidence

“I’ve started caring a lot less about things that probably aren’t as important. Focus on the things that matter in the moment and adapt your wardrobe to match your lifestyle.”

Thanks for the insightful words @themintomo #YalaStories

“I own this top in every color! It is long lasting, more elegant than cotton, doesn’t wrinkle, and your skin breathes.. Love!!”

We wholeheartedly agree, our Kai Top is one of our favorite tried-and-true items. #YalaStories

“I cannot begin to tell you how soft and comfortable my new Yala cardigan/cover up is! I’ve never felt such beautiful, breathable and sustainable fabric.”

We love hearing how Yala comforted you! Our sweaters are as cozy as cuddles. #YalaStories

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