YALA Goes Solar

We've hit the first-year mark that YALA Headquarters has been fully charged by Solar Power. It's pretty cool that we can power our entire warehouse with sunshine, from the shipping station to our office and its many computers. This means that all of our correspondence and websites are created, maintained, and powered by the energy of nature. Thanks to True South Solar and our neighbors at Ashland Automotive for making it happen!

Are you curious about what solar installation looks like or where we clock in at YALA? True South Solar is currently featuring our solar installation as a Case Study on their website. Enjoy this quick video of the process.

We may be Comfort Experts, but the field of solar energy is a bit out of our niche, so we won't flex like we know more than we actually do. However, True South Solar has a FAQ Page that provides easy-to-digest info about switching to Solar Power. Perhaps you'll consider it for your own home or business.

Of course, solar power isn’t possible without that giant burning ball in the sky. From reviving us after long winters to sweet-talking our veggie gardens into producing yummy produce, convincing us to jump in a cold lake when we might not otherwise, and these days even powering our homes and businesses – the sun provides!

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