Worker Safety

By the time a YALA item reaches your doorstep, many hands will touch it.

Foresters harvest the bamboo. Workers convert it into fiber. Artisans dye the fabric. Garment makers cut and sew our garments and bedding.

We must consider the safety and sustenance of so many craftspeople who contribute to the creation of every YALA piece!

Safety and Sustenance: The Fabric of Fair Trade

It's important to express gratitude to these workers for the dedication and skill they bring. And while we’re thinking of them, let’s remember that gratitude is not enough.

For too long, the relationship between producers and consumers in the global economy has focused on dollars alone . To truly show our appreciation, we must provide living wages, safe working conditions, and a respectful workplace culture. 


From Worker Safety Ideals to Actions

Here are some steps we take at YALA to ensure worker safety and sustenance:

🌿1. Our closed-loop systems ensure that no workers are ever exposed to potentially harmful substances.

🌿2. A high level of training is required to have access to any of the machinery.

🌿3. State of the art protective gear is worn by all workers involved in the viscose and AZO-free dyeing processes.

🌿4. Air conditioning and high standards of cleanliness insure our sewing floors are safe and comfortable places to work.

🌿5. A living wage including access to healthcare, housing, training, and pensions are provided to all production partners.

At YALA, we embrace a whole-hearted accounting of costs and benefits. This includes the safety and wellbeing of the human communities that thrive on commerce, the sustainability and sanctity of the planet’s natural systems, and finally to you, our valued customers.

We all have a stake in co-creating a better future, and we all have a role to play.

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