Who Made My Clothes?

“Fast Fashion isn't cheap. Someone somewhere is paying for it.” ~ Lucy Siegle

Even with today’s technology, the clothing we wear is still made largely by hand. We believe sustainable products should always honor the wellbeing of the people whose time, skill, and dedication are essential to creating them.

In that spirit, we support #whomademyclothes, a campaign promoting transparency in the fashion industry. It is our sincere honor to introduce you to some of our garment makers.⁠

Meet the Garment Makers Who Make YALA Bamboo Clothing & Bedding

Who Made My Clothes

From left to right:⁠


Mrs. Shi is the team leader of the sewing sector who manages all production.⁠ Mrs. Zhang, Mrs. Luo and Mrs. Xu all work under Mrs. Shi in the sewing room.⁠ Altogether, we have 25 garment makers working full time.

Cultivating Long-Term Relationships

We are grateful to have a fourteen-year running relationship with a single production facility in Chanshu City, China. This has allowed us to get to know many of our workers, cultivate some of these relationships into personal friendships, and assure you, our valued customers, that the people who make your YALA garments are paid fairly, treated well, and work in a safe and comfortable environment.⁠

Because of our commitment to the well-being of everyone in our supply chain, our workers stick around. Many of them have been with us for nearly 10 years now, in an industry where it is more common for people to quickly shift from factory to factory in search of safer conditions or better pay.⁠

We are pleased to announce that our production facilities were recently inspected by Oeko-Tex, a leading certification organization in the textile industry, and we achieved top marks for safety and social responsibility as a result of our fair trade practices. 

It Takes a Village to Create Change

Thank you @fash_rev for spearheading the Who Made My Clothes campaign to raise awareness towards more transparency in the fashion industry. ⁠

Thank you to our customers who value a better quality of life for the people who make their clothes. To the advocates and influencers who bring this to light. To the consumers who demand it. ⁠

And thank you to our production partners for your skills, service, and dedication to producing the cozy, cooling bamboo pajamas and other amazing YALA products we enjoy!⁠

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