Which Bamboo Bedding is Right for You? Twill vs Luxe Sateen

Getting Between our Bamboo Sheets

Everyone loves variety, but having too many choices can be confusing. At YALA we carry sheets made from two different types of bamboo fabric: Twill and Luxe Sateen. How do they differ, and which is right for you?

Comfort in Common

Before we explore the differences between our sheets, let’s see how they’re alike. Our Twill and Luxe Sateen bamboo bedding both offer all the benefits of bamboo sheets you know and love. They’re deliciously comfortable, naturally cooling, and breathable. What’s more, they’re both:

  • Made from 100% pure, organically grown bamboo
  • Processed in a closed-loop facility that recently achieved an outstanding StEP sustainability score from OEKO-Tex
  • AZO-free dyed
  • Certified chemical-free

When it Comes to Bamboo Sheets, Feeling is Knowing

So, what sets these two styles of bamboo bedding apart? 

Let’s start with our Twill. It has a soft, natural texture akin to high thread count cotton. It’s durable and cozy, and it has the seemingly magical ability of getting softer and more inviting with every washing.

Our Luxe Sateen is made from a higher thread count of finer bamboo yarn. This exacting process results in a subtle sheen and supple smoothness reminiscent of natural silk. But since it carries a much lighter ecological footprint than silk, it lets you sleep easy in more ways than one!

Breaking Down the Differences Between our Sheets

If you love the crisp, fresh feel of high thread count cotton but desire something even softer, Twill is the bamboo for you. But if the silky smooth, cool glide of silk is what gets you into bed, spring for the Luxe Sateen. 

And if you still can’t decide, here’s the best news of all: when it comes to YALA bamboo bedding, you really can’t go wrong. Either way, a better night’s sleep awaits you!

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