What Sets YALA Apart?

When YALA started selling bamboo garments and bedding in 2006, most people weren’t aware bamboo could be turned into cloth.

YALA, First to Market with Bamboo Clothing & Bedding

YALA was one of the first companies to bring bamboo fiber to market. Our customers were so impressed when they first experienced the silky softness and breathability of bamboo!

Nowadays, of course, the world has caught on, and you can purchase bamboo clothing, sleepwear, and bedding from many sources. 

In Such a Growing Bamboo Clothing & Bedding Market, why Keep Choosing YALA? 

🌿 Support a Small, Women-Owned Business:

Our women-led team consists of 11 team members in southern Oregon, two of whom are co-owners of the company. We have also partnered with a small team of 25 garment makers in China for over 15 years.

🌿 Fair Trade:

We take care of our production partners, garment workers, and employees. This includes stringent worker safety standards, healthful working conditions, and living wage compensation. At our very core, we are in the business of making the world a more comfortable place, for our workers as well as our customers!
🌿 Organic Bamboo:

We source all of our bamboo from the Shunan Bamboo Sea in central China. No pesticides or herbicides are ever used in the cultivation of our organic bamboo. This natural bamboo forest doesn’t even require irrigation, which saves precious water for food production. Each individual stalk is cut by hand by skilled foresters, bringing sustainable livelihood to local communities. 
🌿 Closed Loop:

After harvesting, the bamboo is sent to a closed-loop facility that converts the raw material into the fiber you know and love. What does closed-loop mean? To put it simply, we reuse the water employed in the rendering process again and again, which ensures no solvents are released into local waterways. Furthermore, we capture all gases created in the process to ensure worker safety and community air quality.
🌿 AZO-Free Dyes:

We only use eco-friendly AZO-free dyes in our coloring processes. This ensures that harmful byproducts are never released into the environment, and no byproducts are present in our products at the time of purchase. All our products are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified Chemical-Free.
🌿 Integrated Systems:

We strive to minimize our shipping footprint at all stages of production, making our products exceptionally climate-friendly.
🌿 Craft & Care:

Our products are designed by people who know and love bamboo. We’ve been in the business of creating deliciously comfortable bamboo clothing and bedding for years. Each one of our garments is designed with your comfort in mind.
With so many options available to you these days, we are honored every time you choose YALA.

In gratitude,
The YALA Team

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