Simple Home Swaps to Reduce Plastic Use

Plastic Free July invites us to consider our disposable plastic use and encourages us to adopt more biodegradable alternatives. Here are some simple things that our team does to reduce our personal plastic waste, daily.


Reduce Plastic in the Bathroom

Next time you run out, swap bottled shampoo and conditioner for shampoo and conditioner bars. We love the shampoo bars from Emz Blendz, an Ashland-based natural body product company! Booda Butter deodorant is also crazy effective and comes in a recyclable glass jar. Don’t knock it till you try it!


Reduce Plastic in the Kitchen

Perhaps the biggest opportunity to reduce plastic waste lies in the kitchen, so where do you start? Just Bag it. Keep reusable grocery bags in your trunk, mudroom or kitchen cabinet. Rinse and reuse disposable plastic vegetable bags. Use fabric drawstring bags for the bulk bins and transfer them to glass jars when you get home.


Reduce Plastic with Pets

Clean up after your furry friends with plastic-free, biodegradable pet waste bags from We love the looks of this Beyond Green option, but they’ve got several to choose from!


Reduce Plastic in the Laundry Room

Reduce plastic waste in the laundry room by using reusable, wool felted dryer balls in place of disposable fabric softeners, which are made of synthetic polyester that does not break down. This Public Goods option rates high on our list. Pair them with zero-waste laundry strips from Tru Earth and ditch those plastic dispensers for good. 


Reduce Plastic in the Bedroom

Bedding should also be considered when curbing plastic use. Polyester and polyester blends may feel nice at first touch but will shed microplastics with each wash, which ultimately end up in our soils and waterways. 

When you do invest in bedding, consider a natural fiber like Bamboo and ensure it is 100% pure by reading the label. If the price looks too good to be true, there is probably a polyester snuck in there, even if it's touted as ‘natural’. 

If you’re ready to upgrade your sleep situation to a cleaner option, try our 100% bamboo bedding for 25% off, now through Monday 7/19! No coupon code necessary. 

Reduce Before Recycle!

Please remember, the most sustainable option is the one you already have. Use what you’ve got and replace it with something more ecological as you can afford to. Lasting and important changes rarely happen overnight. 

If you’ve got other great swaps, do tell. We’d love to hear them! 

From our homes to yours,


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