Our Certifications Ensure Our Mission

Many brands know the words you want to hear, and aren’t afraid to say them.

But how can you tell the ones who mean it from those who only ‘green’ it?

YALA Mission & Certifications

At YALA, sustainability is written into our mission:

YALA is a women-owned, women-led small business that produces incredibly soft bamboo bedding, sleepwear, and loungewear. 

We prioritize comfortquality, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility in every choice we make.

We aspire to elevate the lives of everyone who takes part in producing, promoting, and enjoying our products.

YALA Sustainability Certifications #2

But how do we measure these intentions? How do we verify them in a way you can trust? 

The answer is third-party certification. Impartial, credible agencies review our practices on a regular basis. Their detailed assessments assure you and help us grow!

YALA Sustainability Certifications #3

Oeko-TEX 100 Chemical Free

Certifies that no residual chemicals are present in our garments and bedding when they reach the consumer.

Oeko-Tex STeP

Certifies that our partner facilities use sustainable methods in the production of bamboo fiber from source to loom.


Ensures that our bamboo is grown organically, in accordance with organic farming standards recognized by the Organic Content Standard (OCS), and is USDA Organic Certified.  Products have been processed in accordance with the OCS.


All YALA bamboo comes from responsibly managed, FSC-certified forests. A chain of custody verifies that no non-organic bamboo makes its way into our manufacturing processes. Products with the FSC 100% label contribute most directly to FSC's mission to ensure thriving forests for all, forever. 


This certification ensures that the cotton in our blended fabrics is organic.

Responsible Wool Standard 

Ensures that the New Zealand Merino sheep that produce our wool are treated humanely.


Ensures worker safety and environmental responsibility at every stage of production in our partner facilities in China.

At YALA, a better world is written into our mission. Our certifications ensure we walk the talk!

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