How Bamboo Fabric Keeps its Cool

It almost sounds like a riddle: What keeps you warm when you’re feeling chilly, cool when you’re feeling hot, comfy all day and all through the night?

The answer, of course, is Bamboo! 

One of the benefits of being a small company is the opportunity for us to focus our efforts on such an amazing fabric. Among the many things we love about nature’s original wonder fiber, from its sustainable ecological footprint to its exquisite softness, we sometimes overlook one of bamboo’s most endearing qualities, its ability to thermoregulate.

Our bamboo sheets, clothing, and sleepwear respond to changes in body temperature, keeping you comfortable in many situations. 

OK, we know … not everyone gets excited about bamboo’s unique combination of absorbency and porosity. But if you’ve always wondered why bamboo feels so good against your skin, now’s your chance to get the facts.

Bamboo’s thermoregulatory efficiency is due to its unique combination of absorbancy and porosity. (We dare you to say that five times fast!)

Believe it or not, bamboo fabric is twice as absorbent as cotton. This makes it really good at drawing sweat away from skin, which reduces that clammy feeling we get sometimes from overheating on hot nights or when exercising.

Meanwhile, bamboo’s porosity is due to the shape bamboo molecules make when spun into fiber. This allows for many “micro-gaps” through which moisture can readily escape. 

This combination of absorbancy and porosity makes bamboo fabric really good at wicking moisture. The end result is incredibly efficient evaporative cooling. 

It makes a lot of sense, actually: the same natural process that makes a bamboo forest cooler than a cotton field makes bamboo sheets cooler, cozier, and comfier than cotton sheets.

Thanks for sticking with us through the science lesson 😎. You’ve always known bamboo sheets and clothing were wicked cool. And now you know why!

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