Custom Size Your Clothing

No two bodies are alike, so it’s no wonder that buying perfectly fitting clothing is nearly impossible. Even the things that our design team at YALA does to address this, like offering cropped lengths in popular pants, and tops in various torso lengths, aren’t always going to match the ideal hem length for your gloriously unique body. 

Trust me, as a 5’3” woman, I know the struggle. But I’ve also found that YALA clothing is easy to custom-size by myself, with nothing more than a pair of sharp scissors. Hard to believe, I know, but YALA’s bamboo jersey fabrics DO NOT unravel. Even after washing and wearing often, they maintain a crisp hemline that does not fringe or shed. 

So save the professional alterations for your fancy pants! Those Lexi Pants that are a smidge too long or that Taylor Legging you’d love cropped are just a few snips from perfect. And don’t forget the tops! A shorter hemline or sleeve on the Jaclyn Top may be all it needs to feel refreshed for another season.

Tips for Success

If you want to try this at home, here are a few things to keep in mind before taking the plunge. 

  • Not everyone loves an unfinished hem. Even though our fabrics will not unravel, they will naturally roll slightly over time. If the DIY hem look is not your cup of tea, we don’t recommend this method.
  • Approach it with an attitude of experimentation. Taking scissors to fabrics is always a risk and does not work out 100% of the time. Start with an older item you are ok sacrificing if it doesn’t work out. 
  • Get a second opinion. Enlist a friend to help you mark the perfect length of the garment. This is not essential, but it might help you feel more confident in your choice.
  • Use sharp scissors. Dull scissors have foiled many a DIY. Fabric scissors are ideal, but household scissors can get a good cut if they are clean and sharp. A rotary cutter and mat are also great if you have those on hand.
  • Please do not alter the hemlines on your YALA Sweater Fabrics like the Peyton Pant or Kendra Kimono. YALA’s Sweater Fabrics are made with a more delicate, looser weave and will not maintain their shape without a finished hem. 

Were you already hip to custom sizing your YALA clothing, or have we inspired you to try it? Do tell! We’d love to know how you are extending the life and comfort of your favorite YALA garments!

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