Celebrate Small Wins

Do you ever feel like you are a perpetual work in progress? We can relate!

It's common for the markers to change along any path towards improvement. Because of this, we can often forget to stop and celebrate all that we've accomplished along the way. 

The small refinements that we make in our personal and collective lives over a month or year matter, and it's essential to slow down to reflect on a job well done every once in a while.

So today, we've got a small win to share and celebrate with you, YALA's new About Us Page.

Even though we constantly revise and refresh our website, this is a little corner that we are particularly proud of. It's an intimate snapshot of YALA's Who, Why, What, Where, and When.

We've tried to make those 5-W's quick and easy to take in without leaving you hanging. That said, less is more unless it's not enough, so let us know if there is something we didn't clarify, and we'll consider integrating it. 

Ok, now it's your turn. Take a moment to think about a big or small win you've had recently (or not so recently) that has gone unacknowledged. Then, share it with a friend or quietly bask in your own fabulosity! 

If you’re feeling shoppy, peruse our new Spring Arrivals and celebrate with something special.

New Spring Arrivals

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