Bamboo, the Naturally Anti-Static Fiber

What Makes Bamboo So Comfortable?

Do you remember the first time you tried on a YALA bamboo shirt? I do! 

When I ran my hand down my arm, I was amazed by how soft and smooth the fabric felt. It was love at first touch, even before I learned about YALA’s commitment to fair trade and sustainability. 

This got me wondering, what exactly makes bamboo so dang comfortable? So I did some reading.

The Many Benefits of Bamboo

The first time I wore bamboo, it was a warmish autumn day. My new shirt had long sleeves, so I thought for sure I’d be too hot in it. But it breathed and kept me cool. Later on, when the sun went low, the shirt somehow ‘knew’ to warm me up. 

It turns out I wasn’t imagining things. Bamboo fiber naturally regulates temperature and wicks moisture. It also has a high UPF to protect my skin from UV rays, and it’s antimicrobial, so it keeps me feeling fresh on hectic days. 

Bamboo Fiber Resists Static

But none of this explained why my bamboo shirt moved so freely, nor why it had such a flattering drape. It turns out bamboo fabric is naturally anti-static. This does more than prevent it from zapping when pulled from the dryer!

Bamboo’s anti-static nature also keeps it from clinging to itself and other garments. This is why bamboo fiber doesn't get tangled or bunched, and why it moves so effortlessly. Bamboo’s anti-static nature makes it a superior choice for pajamas and sleepwear, not to mention sheets, but also a fantastic fabric for dresses and tops.

So whether you’re a light sleeper or a frequent flyer, a wild dancer, or a dedicated lounger, we invite you to experience the superior comfort of YALA. Save the fabric softener and fight static the natural way, with anti-static bamboo!

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