AZO-Free Dyes Show YALA's True Colors

As consumers, we place a great deal of attention on the sourcing and processing of the natural fibers we wear. It's easy to overlook another component of clothing’s environmental footprint: Industrial Dyes.


AZO-Free Dyes Reduce Harm and Pollution

A vast array of beautiful and vibrant colors are available to us in our modern apparel. But even natural garments can contain harmful chemicals through the use of industrial dyes. 

Did you know:
  • Our skin can absorb AZO as it breaks down, especially when pores open during exercise or warm weather.
  • AZO dyes tend to bioaccumulate in waterways, adversely affecting ecosystems and communities.

 YALA's AZO-Free Commitment

At YALA, we have made the commitment to use only AZO-free dyes in our clothing and bedding. Nature inspires our colors, and they are easy on nature as well. They soften over time, naturally.
The water used in our dyeing process undergoes a contained cleansing process. This process involves a series of four filtration and settling ponds. At the end of this process, the water is safe enough to drink. We re-use it in a closed-loop system to reduce demand on local resources.

Oeko-Tex Testing for Purity

We test our products and methods with a third-party agency every year called OEKO-TEX. Their Standard-100 Certification ensures our products are free of chemicals.


Rest easy in YALA bedding, sleepwear, and apparel. When it comes to safety and environmental responsibility, as well as comfort and style, we have you covered.


The best fabric I’ve ever slept on & in. I love my YALA comfort layers. Feels even better to know that it’s sustainable, clean and comes from a company that actually cares about the planet.

Diana P. March 09, 2023

I love your material!!!

Syida H. Long May 11, 2022

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