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At YALA, we believe you deserve clothing that fits your life -

not the other way around.

We weave conscious comfort into every stitch of YALA clothing and bedding to empower you to go further. Coupling sustainable and ethical craftsmanship with our unbelievably soft, stylish, everyday staples, we’ve created a wardrobe made to support and grow with you through each life moment.

Easy to Wear. Easy on the Earth. Unbelievably Soft.

Our mission is to support women to live life with intention -- full of comfort, confidence, and self-acceptance. We see Yala as an opportunity to do just that. From the women who make our clothes, to the team working on staff, our external partners, our charitable causes, and of course our customers -- We look to provide opportunity, empowerment, and comfort every step of the way. In the millions of things women have to think about and handle day-to-day, YALA has your comfort and dress handled. We have you covered.

Our Very Best,
Tif and Rachel

Feel Good. Look Good. Do Good.

You deserve the comfort of knowing that your clothing is made thoughtfully in every way.

Mindfulness is at the core of everything we do, from choosing organic, sustainable, and fair trade materials, to working with ethical partners, to making self-care part of our employee benefits, and so much more.

Our mission is to support women to live a life full of comfort, confidence, and self-acceptance.

For women, by women.

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